Saturday, July 28, 2012


I've been stalled in my tracks since a sneak peak was made available of the recent suspect in the violent- cruel-bloodbath-heartless-selfish-impetuous-and ugly-and pathetic-hate-crime in Colorado. I can almost see the marbles rolling in his head but in a controlled sort of way. I think of words like evil. Demon.

Then I step back and resist the temptation to classify it all away in my mind. I can't make out what it all even begins to mean. I am fed up with the human race's issues being allowed to get so big they cover most eyes and ears of the modern world. You can never escape a story about violence because news is a business and violence moves product.

It's still pretty F****** ridiculous that we war with each other. Puff ourselves up with national pride when... you know... zoom the camera lens of your world in really closely or pull it back a mile or two and maybe you'd see the fascinating things going on all around us. Life. Animals. Physics.

 Surely people think of this before they decide to do what they decided to do? Yes?

Man. Surely?

Yet? If this is where the train is taking us as a race, I want to get off. Turn me into a frog. A caterpillar. Turn me into a raindrop. Anything to get me away from the mind-blindness of whatever the heck is wrong with the world.

My mind drifts to Mexico... a society imploding in on itself.

Yet in the end we all seem to want our vices because we know the snake is eating it's own tail. It's scary to witness. Beyond scary, it's confusing. Beyond confusing, it's painful. And well beyond that it is just really really stupid. That's the panned-out version.

Don't even get me started on quantum mechanics. Oh boy.

So this guy's face made me feel very confused. The look of this guy and his weird weird weird zombie-face (only lacking the cheap running makeup) made me think actor. Then again, if it was no act, it is horrific to think mental illness... because it looks very very painful. Not as painful as a bullet wound, no. But a lot less easy to diagnose.

Prattle prattle prattle. I merely opine.

I don't know. I just don't know.

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  1. i know what you're saying. it certainly makes you reassess what is good in this world and what is a result of confusions. there are dangers that, at first glace seem harmless, but followed for a distance can result in actual harm. i hate the video "game" Modern Warfare. by participating in the "game" we are subjecting ourselves to a mental patterning of killing and harming. our minds are built on patterning. when we learn to drive a vehicle, we learn the patterns until they become engraved. then we no longer have to think about the patterns and just drive. what patterns do we chose to engrave? its a very serious decision. im gald you brought up the subject of patriotism. its another pattern that people use to ensure grouping. by grouping, there is control. where there is control, people are no longer required to think and assess situations in there entirety and horrific actions seem to make sense. nazi youth groups. did you know that boy scouths in america are being trained in homeland security measures? history repeats itself and we are witnessing the beginings of what happened in nazi germany. the german people are not naturally evil but they were slowly spoon fed the seeds for what they did become until it just made "sense". quiet steps that on the surface seem harmless. as individuals we must take responsibility for our own actions and keep our heads clear. bad things CAN happen.