Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Day Means New Art

As I eagerly await the opportunity to become a self-governing student (or something like that) I've tried to get a rhythm going... paint several paintings (or illustrations to be a little more precise) and list them for sale via my Etsy Shop (to the right on my blog page).

Another week has passed by with this particular process in place. It has gone largely uninterrupted mainly due to the fact that our son and daughter have been in Portland ME with their aunt and grandmother for the last several days. It's been awfully quiet around the house. Ian and I aren't really noisy people at all. We do have a lot of fun and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed the freedom of being home alone if ya know what I mean... teehee.

Ok. Stop that.


The art? That's why you're here... the art. Not my sex life.

What? Ok. This post is going off the rails.

Photos of the Dead
9x12 inches.
Paint, pen on paper.

More Than My Twin
9x12 Inches
Paint, pen on paper.

Lucy's Head Dress
9x12 Inches
Pen, Paint on Paper.

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