Sunday, October 7, 2012

It Takes a Family to Raise Me

My children had the chance to see me in my element last month. They had a chance to see me as an artist and not just a mother. I marvel at this. My experience in Bathurst (the exhibit, the banquet, the work itself) proved to be nothing less than a vision-come-true. By that, I mean... always, I have envisioned my first exhibit outside of my home turf as kind of a golden moment. In this vision I was standing on my own two feet, alone. In front of my work. Proud of my work and what it stood for. In this vision I wore a black dress and cute shoes. 

It all came to pass, but that's not the best part (although it is pretty great). What I loved the most were the times before and after the art related business. The best part was the junk food in front of the television in the hotel room. The best part was swimming each day. The best part was the goofing around and the laughter which we had in abundance. The best part was my sister's persistence in getting me there are encouraging me to go go go. 

I completely unplugged from everything (except my camera). I had a really good time. My kids seemed to soak it all up and they look at me now with a certain sparkle in their eye that wasn't there before. The word successful has taken on a much grander meaning for me. I think they realize a few new things about me. I am seriously fun. Serious. But fun.

It's not all about financial gain, which comes and goes. It's about how these experiences are shaping us all as a family and me as an individual. It's also about having these amazing kids who love to travel and always behave the best when I need them to the most.

Last but never least, if my husband hadn't taken his few precious hours before work that Saturday and opened my studio for me, I would have missed out on the Art in the Valley Tour. But it didn't go down like that. He DID take those hours to help me. And he looked cozy doing it.

All the other peep-elles in my life know who they are, too.

Thanks everybody. I love you all.

We are family. 

And I am an artist. 

It takes a family to raise me.



  1. Oh how I've missed reading your blog...seems I haven't stopped by in a very long time. What paper was the article with Ian in, and when? I'd lile to try to find it online.

  2. Ahhh! It was in the Bugle/Observer and as far as I can tell, they have no online version anymore... which--don't get me started... I could send you my copy, if you'd like to have it?

  3. I would love that! I will get Mom to call you with my address. And I can keep it to return back to you if you'd like.