Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Sea


   When I was in the centre of the eastern portion of the Atlantic ocean, there came a time when I felt such connection with God that I could not stop singing for joy. It was a great feeling of release. An unexpected event on a trip meant for so many other things besides this. Or was it? What was the most important thing I learned within those 7 days at sea? I learned that bus drivers in the Bahamas carry their Bibles with them everywhere they go. They greet you at the port with songs that sound vaguely tribal at first, but then, as your feet start dancing without your permission, you realize you are hearing gospel music and it sounds fantastic. What a wonderful feeling it gave me when I felt that kind of spiritual current surging through the corridors. I felt more at home there in those few minutes than I have anywhere in a long long time. It is like the feeling you get when the moon is re-birthed in the full light of a bright round sphere. Magnificent!

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