Saturday, December 15, 2012

God Is Love

  The thing I don't understand about people is how they act so affronted when you mention your belief in God. Don't want to believe in God? Fine. DON'T! Who cares? But, for just a moment... entertain with me, if you will, the idea that maybe when I say I believe in God, I mean this; innate goodness, innate desires to love your children, to open the door for an elderly person, to not look at porn while your significant other is out getting groceries, not spending money you don't have, honoring your loved-ones. Do you see what I mean? I am referring to the thing that generates peace in your life, the things that feel right. The things that compel you to put yourself out of the centre of the universe. That's God, to me. God is also the tornado. The whale shark. The bunny rabbit. The goldfishes. God is balance. God is fierce. God is the uncontrollable forces of nature. Physics and chemistry. God is the water-molecule. The baby in the womb. The animals. The life. God is also spirit and quantum mechanics. Well, I mean? Isn't He? Isn't She? Aren't We? Somehow, thinking and feeling all these things brings me to a place where I feel able to breathe. Believe what you want to believe. I love you anyway because, as The Bible says, above all, God is Love. So, there's that. Merry Christmas to you. Peace. 

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