Saturday, December 8, 2012

Warm Wishes and (Mental) Health!

    Life is very interesting. It is. Timing is everything, as my mom always says, and I feel like this might be true. With the end of the world (as we know it?) supposedly nigh unto us... I am feeling very deep. Preachy, even. So? I want to share with you a few bits of insight about our health. Namely, mental health. Mental health is what? Something I have discussed before. True. It's not all about depression, stress, and imbalances. It's also about head injuries. Which is something I have suffered from. Sometimes you see people walking around with visible scars, and you notice and it makes you think. Sometimes you get to know someone well enough to have them expose their scars in one way or another, and you begin to sense something a little extra-sensitive about them. Sometimes, however, there are things you cannot see. Things that cannot be seen. If you can't see them, then you cannot know what's going on in the life of this other person. Brain trauma is one of those things. It goes along with mental health. It takes time to get past and through. I know this from personal experience and so I want to mention it. What happened to me was not necessarily as severe as some, but it was bad enough. It left a mark on us all, but definitely on me, in particular.

  The brain is one of the least understood components of our human existence. It is also the most vital of all components. When it is not functioning up to standards (or higher) everything suffers. I sincerely feel my understanding of my self (my mind) is thorough. I have been studying what works and doesn't work for me in terms of my mental well-being and it is interesting to note that part of what and who I am stems from a scar, or two. Or three? None of them are visible to the eye. I get that about myself so when I get tired or when I feel like I need time to myself, I take it. If I have to wake up in the middle of the night to have time to myself, that's what I do. If I have to sleep for a few hours in the day time, I sleep. I baby myself towards peace. I can't handle stress. Not because I don't want to. I am just physically burnt out in that way. I can't do it. Only I know what represents a stressful situation for me.

So, I've learned it's necessary to get to know what makes you tick in this life. You must know yourself and be yourself. Live in your own way. In your own time.


  In other news, I got an A- on an essay. It's a great feeling to know I am not a total dunce. I am not saying that to be sarcastic, either. I mean it.

Okay. Over and out.

Merry Christmas! Everyone! May the Ghost of Christmas Present shed a little light on you to warm your hearts! Your home! Your life!



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  1. Sweetie-You be brave lady! So interesting, so sensitive, so un-together that you are a together dream figure. Immigrate.