Sunday, January 13, 2013

Past the Windowpane

Art and words by Jody Noëlle Coughlin

Past the Windowpane

Conspiracy theories and folks who are weary. 
Take a break. 
Take a break. 

But where?

Jungles that are holy and work that goes slowly. Calm yourself. 

But who am I? 

Snuggle in the warmth of bed.
Put something inside your head.
Off the page and through your eyes and in your head. 

Read a book. 

Are you fed?

Take a breath.
Take a sigh. 
Take a break.
Just lie


 in your bed.

Close your eyes.
Do not dread.

The woman walking past the pane,

Walking with something behind on a chain?

A ghastly sight?
A big huge fright?

Let me check.

Not so fast.
This thing is slow.
It seems to be walking deliberately slow.
And low!


It's a turtle on the leash... sheesh! 

Just a little turtle on a leash?

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