Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prints and Peacock Feathers

  It's a new year and my mind is full of all kinds of new ideas. Every now and then I get this little giddy feeling when I realize how much fun I have coming up with new ways to bring my work to the world. I will admit, making prints aren't exactly revolutionary concepts. Even so, little sets like the ones I am showing off here today bring my customers great joy and this, in turn, brings me great joy.

  I couldn't sleep last night! Ian and I have been watching back to back episodes of The Walking Dead on Netflix. I was planning to skip this series because I don't really like goriness and zombies aren't my idea of entertainment, either. But, as usual, when Ian recommends something, there's a pretty good reason for it. This show is fantastic! Maybe not for everyone, but it has kept this gal up - eyes glued to the screen (hanging my head in shame as I type) - til 5 am for the past three days. Last night, even by then, I could not sleep. So, I worked in my studio for a couple of hours early this morning and by about 9 am, I caught a few hours of rest and I (thankfully) did not dream about zombies. Insomnia can be a good thing now and then.

4x6 inch prints in sets of 3. Available here.

Oh, and I ordered some stickers! These things are so much fun!

The peacock feathers were an irresistible purchase I made at the dollar store. 
I couldn't help myself!

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