Friday, March 15, 2013

Art and Stuff

   Well, you might wonder what's been going on with me since we last met. I've tried a new technique in painting that I've never tried before though it seems rather preposterous that I've been at this for almost a decade without giving this avenue of paint application a whirl. What I am talking about is the grisaille technique. Usually, I've painted with colour, not form. With grisaille, I've relied heavily on my drawing which I never usually do. Once the paint starts to fling, it gets flung far and wide and any drawing I may or may not do drowns slowly in layers of colour. Not so here, with this newest piece. I relied solely on my drawing for the shading of the underpainting and then I applied glaze after glaze of acrylic mixed with a gloss medium. I immediately felt satisfied with the effect and now I wonder why I have waited so long to try it. My mind was swimming with ideas when I first got the feel for this... I've settled down a bit since then. I did, however, sketch a chickadee on a branch for my next painting. I am now working on that painting and the rose is finished.

    In other news, my family and I have been hitting the yoga pretty hard. It's been a pleasure. I feel great and everyone else seems to feel good as well. I had a midterm on Monday and a few papers to write in between. Things have been pleasantly busy, but my friends haven't see or heard much from me in months and my mom hasn't seen much of me either. So, I need to get out a little more. I will, once I find my balance again. These major life-maneuvers are about as easy as spinning a ship on a dime.

Anyway... enough about me. Have a look at some photos.

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