Wednesday, April 10, 2013


"The Lies We Live."
Mixed Media on paper.

    I am so angry about this: (click link- READ) RAPE. I am angry that some guys seem to be able to stick their penises just about anywhere and have so much fun doing it they film it, brag about it, and make a big joke of it to their friends. It doesn't seem to matter that they are crushing the soul of the woman they are raping. No, that's the fun part. The SICK part. They love to have some kind of hold over the girl so she'll never know what it is like to have a pure sense of self-esteem again. She'll never be sure if she did something to deserve it. She will not know peace for many many years after the fact, if she survives that long--the girl in the story in the link I've provided did not. I can't even think of the pain she was in when she took her own life. Angry. It makes me so angry.

So, ladies, listen up.

     I am also angry about the fact that women do not seem to know that when they are sexually assaulted, it directly effects their mental health. Their bodies go in to a state of shock. It carries through and manifests itself as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which involves so many avenues of negative effects it's not easy to explain. But you can (YOU MUST) read more about it HERE. If someone has hurt you, even if you think you were to blame, if you were drunk, if you knew they guy or if he was a relative or WHATEVER! IF you have been sexually assaulted, you must get help. You must understand that there are physical ramifications that could lead to pregnancy, STDs, and so on. More than that, your mental health will hit a brick wall and it's going to hurt. Badly. You've got to understand that a sexual assault is more than just a physical assault. It effects your entire sense of self. Entirely. You must get help and you must not stop until you've gotten the kind of help you want and need. You must not let this overtake you. You must not let them win. You must understand your capacity as a woman and your  self-worth and you must call upon your ability to heal yourself. You must survive this! Do not let rape ruin your life. Pray for the asshole's penis to fall of, rot into a slimy lump, or cause a fatal infection or something. But don't internalize and DON'T pretend like it's okay. IT IS NOT OKAY!

It's time to fight back. This has to stop.

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