Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thusly It Goes

      I fear my art is suffering at the expense of my brain. I have been having some really intense moments of concern about my time. All I know is, I don't want to be the teacher or the student from the movie Election. I feel like I am oscillating between these two personality extremes. Well, maybe not. That would cause you to wonder if I struggle with a dual personality. I don't. I just see two sides to an argument. I call that reason. I build on the knowledge I put together based on life experience and the things I read and the this and the that. But really... I could be a nerd with stupid banners all over the walls. Or I could be Van Gogh's newest recruit or I could just be a painter. I could be squeaking to hear myself think. I could be screaming to drown you all out.

    Besides, the thing that makes Election so good is the fact that it's full of extreme white-American stereotypes. It's ridiculous. Life's not like that... is it? Well, yes. It is. No, it isn't.



    I am like that girl who couldn't decide what wedding dress to buy and relied on her family for input that ultimately meant nothing because she's learned the hard way not to do anything until she really really knows for sure if it is right for her because that is the basis of all that is right and fair in this world and it will lead to greater acts of empathy and it will improve the overall ethics and morals of society...

   What exactly is the difference between ethics and morals, anyway?

   Thusly it goes it goes it goes...

 Brilliant film.

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