Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creepy Drawings

Charcoal has always been my pet medium. I used to take shards of burnt wood and draw with it when I was a kid. I'd draw on anything that had a surface; rocks, walls, trees. I feel a great affinity with charcoal because, I suppose, it's such a natural thing. It is derived directly from nature, easy to make, easy to use. It's is somewhat unforgiving in a way. In another way, it gives and gives and gives. You can be sure at the end of the sessions I had with each of these drawings my hands and arms were covered in smears of black charcoal dust. I think that's the best part. You know you've had it out with your artist self when, at the end, you wash your hands and the soapy water runs black from all the residue. My favorite...

I love old houses and ghost stories. I love the romantic notion of spirits roaming the earth. So, this is the vein of thought I was in when I created these. I wanted to capture a whimsical, spiritual vibe. A whispy ghosty feeling... I think it worked, especially in the last one, the one with the woman in a veil. I love that one the best. 

"Mr. Frog Never Went Out"


"I Am Not Laughing"

"Ghost Girl"

"Only a Thin Veil Lies Between You and Me"

Creeped out yet?

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