Saturday, June 15, 2013

Love and Marriage. Art and Nature.

It occurred to me in the last week or so that Ian and I are alike in a way that I have not really appreciated before. We both have angry temper streaks. We clash like steal against steal. It's funny. I noticed this when we were alone together in the car and he said something to me that I know was not meant to offend me, but the surface emotions in me knee-jerked so badly that it was extremely noticeable. I turned into Electric Psycho Bitch, or so it seemed. A tad too defensive. I felt instant regret. That was when I heard the clang of the metal–a frightful clash. I realized we butted heads for no other reason than to simply butt heads. The argument we were in was over nothing. It was meaningless and stupid. I pondered this moment for a few days. I realized what was what. I had to laugh. I'll never change. He will never change. We are like two gruff old bears who lived a little too long on the mountain. What can I do other than consciously acknowledge this realization and move on? So that's my love-life in a nutshell. Aren't you glad you took the time to read this? Don't you feel just a little more enlightened? Yes? Good.

     My artistic endeavors have lead me to creating quite a menagerie of things lately. I've incorported natural things I find on walks into my work. This first photo started off as one of my prints, which I affixed to a canvas and then I added curly birch bark I found on the ground. I finished it off with my new favorite artistic implements–gold and silver sharpie pens. I really love how this evolved.

This photo is of a set of prints I sold last week. I believe these were sent to Australia, if memory serves me correctly. I love the way my black and white drawings look when placed side by side. There is a definite theme going on here... a monochromatic symphony of design. 

Three Etsy orders heading to various parts around the globe!

More treasures I've created lately... 

And this last piece is a detail shot of a little 6x6 inch square nature collage. Again, I've used nature as my muse by gathering tidbits of fallen leaves and plants that I find when I am out walking around the nature trails and garden paths around the area where I live. I decided to glaze this piece with a shiny glitter paint. I am not sure why. I am not sure it works, but I THINK I like it. 

This last piece is my original watercolour that I have affixed to a canvas. I then glazed it with many many layers of acrylic varnish. It's very pretty in person. This photo doesn't quite reveal the effect, but it did turn out so nicely. I am very pleased with the direction my work has taken lately. A lot of small pieces, but they are all very different and all very interesting. 

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