Monday, June 3, 2013

May/June 2013 Stuff

Charcoal on paper. The original measures 11x14 (NFS). 
Prints measure 8x10. 

This drawing seemed to fall out of my mind last night. I love these moments the best. They pour out of me because of what I've gleaned from my life in one way or another, undulating onto the paper. Magic. 

Prints available HERE.


I spent most of last week preparing my art/prints to send along to St. Andrews. I really feel like everything looked very beautiful. I am really proud of my work these days, to be honest. Ha! 


This last thing is a painting I finished last night. I recently acquired a bottle of masking fluid and I went a little nuts with it... this is the result. Is it Zeus or Triton or Both? Who knows? 

We all know about masking fluid, right? Should I explain that it is basically liquid masking tape? 

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