Friday, November 1, 2013

Kindred Spirits and the Love of Family

     Ian and I have been told a million times that our children are a perfect mixture of us both. I think that might be true. I am sure that our daughter has Ian's sense of humor.I am sure our son has inherited my quiet pensiveness. I am sure they are amazing people who aren't so little anymore. As they grow older, we have more opportunity to travel, which was one of our main goals when we decided to homeschool. We received all kinds of strange looks when, on a Monday afternoon in October, our kids were on a trolley touring the city of Portland, gleaning all kinds of historical information from the driver. Stare away, people. It's not all that strange. In fact, we feel quite blessed to have subscribed to a freer lifestyle. I don't think our kids will hurt for it, in the end. They could have been learning how to hide in the bathroom at school from some crazed and unknown madman. Then again, we could be gunned down in the street. It doesn't matter... it's about living your life the best way you know how. That's it. 

     I finally got some photos of my mom while we were in Portland! My favorite one is the 6th one down... my mom and my daughter. Two amazing, intelligent, artistic, and hilarious females who will crack you up and charm you before you ever know what hit you! Kindred spirits! Also, the third one down is of Ian escorting my mom to the washroom. I thought that was rather chivalrous and sweet. She loves Ian. If it were a matter of choosing her favorite between Ian and me, I am pretty sure she would choose Ian! Ha! But, that's okay. He's a good man. I would choose him, too. Again and again. Do you know that he woke up early today, went to the coffee shop and bought me a coffee, brought it home, and then left for work? This is all before 6AM! My classes officially begin today so coffee is like the nectar of the Gods to me right now. That's true love if you ask me!  

Last but never least, my sister's car! This is about the only chance I ever get to take her picture! 
Thanks, Beany! You are our ever-revered master-travel-Goddess!! Where ever you lead, we will follow! xo

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  1. Your words almost made me cry. Amazing photos. Love you all Xo