Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Princesses and Goblins


     I just finished reading the book The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald. It is a Victorian era fantasy tail with just enough morality mixed in to make it amusing and perhaps (dare I say it?) refreshing.

Here are a few tenets available within its pages that I find rather helpful:

-A Princess must never tell a lie.
-A Princess must always keep her promises (unless it is wrong to do so).
-A Princess must always behave humbly toward other people.
-A Princess must be true to her word.
-A Princess must be kind.
-A Princess must show empathy and compassion for others.

... you get the idea.

   Under the ground, in dark dark caves, lives the goblins who wish to do the Princess harm. Well, in life, as in stories, there are goblins in the darkness. They don't necessarily live in the dark, but they behave darkly and do things underhandedly that the public cannot see. They believe horrible things about innocent people. They make up excuses for their own bad behavior and are quick, oh so quick, so point fingers at anyone who steps out of line in disagreement with their own desires and devices and plans. Beware the Goblins of this world, my friends. They are out there and they are out to get you! Especially if you are a princess. Goblins are mean. Goblins are jealous. Goblins spread rumors and lies. Goblins think very highly of their lowly selves. Goblins are complete frauds.

But a true princess is a true princess and a true prince is a true prince regardless of royal decent.

These are the things that I know I know. For your amusement and your reading pleasure. A public service announcement and a guide to life in general.

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