Monday, May 26, 2014

Miami (2014)

(This is not poetry. This is just a description.)

This is a crazy place. 
We arrived late at night. 
It was very dark, but there were lights everywhere. 
The road markings shine like neon glow-sticks and people drive like maniacs.
When we arrived in Miami, I realized we'd left the proverbial Kansas way back in the dust.
And I still felt pretty dusty myself. 
Oh well. 
Traveling on the fly helps you develop the ability to just roll with it.
It didn't take long to catch up to myself.

It was beautiful.

The beauty of the ocean took my breath away. 

But there are plenty homeless people.
And there is plenty of money.

There is a true shortage of decent coffee.

Even so...

The energy is alive, mysterious, and palpable.
The heat just makes people crazy. 
(That's my theory and I am sticking to it.) 

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