Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Yanne

The man you see here in this photograph is my husband. This photo represents the reasons I fell in love with him and married him. To most of the world, he is quiet, shy, reserved, opinionated, and often very grumpy. To me, however, he is crazy, passionate, sexy, loud, protective, seductive, and very very loving. Reasonable beyond measure. Caring beyond measure. The stars aligned one glorious day when a friend of his snapped this photograph when he was about 21 or 22 years old. It's been in my keeping ever since I got my hands on it about 15 years ago. His 38th birthday is tomorrow.

Though his quiet side emerges more often than not ever since we had children and attempted to build our little family from the ground up, this is the man I see when we are alone together. Fire. Fight. The guy who gets drunk and naked at an impromptu party in the middle of the day on a Sunday. You may not know this man, but I do. Raging with passion, yet quiet as a mouse. I know him. And I love him.

Happy Birthday, Yanne (Ian). You still look pretty fucking great in your birthday suit.


Jojo Noëlle

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