Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Art Rescued From the Depths of My Closet

Have you ever started a painting and then realized you hated it? After you realized you hated it, did you stuff it in the back of your closet? Yes? Me too! That's exactly what happened with this piece. I started it about a year ago. Hated it. Threw it in a box and stuffed the box in a closet.

Well, yesterday, as I was searching for a different painting, I came across this. I looked at it really hard. I wondered what I didn't like about it. I couldn't find any legitimate reason to dislike it. So, I decided to salvage it. I started to work on it again last night. The blues, the reds, and the blacks are all new. So are most of the golds and flesh tones. So now I have before me a rather powerful piece of art that I almost threw in the trash. How many pieces of art have gone this way? Rejected one day and tossed away... Only instead of tossing this away, I am glad to say I held on to it (it's only a piece of paper after all and doesn't take up much room). Sometimes that is not the case at all though. I've trashed a good many pieces of my art. I've burnt some of it. I've ripped some to shreds. That's where artists hurt themselves the most, isn't it? When we give up on our work it is really like giving up on ourselves. 

I've learned that I must never give up on my art or myself. That much I know to be true. 


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