Friday, December 19, 2014

I Kind Of Do Feel Like A Room Without A Roof

There are two sides to the coin called intention. Or so I have deduced from the things I experienced last week. I watched Ghost Stalkers (produced by Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures fame) recently and what I learned through this show was that our intentions effect our environment and can literally "stir up the ghosts." So, that means if you dig out your Ouija board (don't do it!) and start trying to communicate with ghosts and spirits (or worse), the intention behind that particular action is the most effective "tool" within your power. Energy reacts to intention. Negative energy reacts to negative intentions. Be careful with that Ouija board, in other words, because you may get a lot more than you bargained for if you use it (don't!).

On the positive side of that same coin, a positive intention will also generate a positive reaction. I learned this while watching an interview with Oprah at Stanford University. During the interview, one of the last questions she was asked was who her most memorable interviewee was and, aside from the non-famous people who overcame enormous challenges in their lives (an answer I truly appreciated), she said one of her favourite interviews was with Pharrell Williams––the guy who wrote the "Happy" song. So, of course, I watched that interview as well. Well! You would have to be a robot to not sense the overwhelming clarity that this man projects into the world. His insights (which seemed humble and sincere to me) centred around the concept that intentions are everything. He intended to make good music that resounds with as many people as possible and that's exactly what he has done. I liked him a lot after watching his Oprah interview.

Overall, it seemed like the universe rose up to meet Pharrell. He knows what it's like to walk above the clouds, as he put it. Oprah as well. She knows what it is like to walk above the clouds, too. It's more than just financial success although that seems to be an automatic result of intentions meeting purpose meeting personality. Pharrell cried when she showed him a video of people from all over the world dancing to his song. I cried too. It was a beautiful moment! My heart felt like it was going to burst! This takes me back to a previous post I wrote about your emotions and how they are connected to your heart. You can check that post out here if you want to.

To flesh out this story a little bit I want to tell you that I also came across the thought, by Doreen Virtue (whom I like immensely), that it is a physiological fact that every human comes "equipped" with their own Guardian Angels. According to Doreen, this is a not based on religion. It is not a suggestion. Nor is it a result of a belief system. Believe it or not, we all have them. That's what she says, anyway.

So, I challenged this concept. I opened myself up to this suggestion and I intentionally spoke to my Guardian Angels. This was the first time in my life I have actually acknowledged their presence, but if I think back, I realize I must have Guardian Angels or else I would simply not be here. Be it accidents, health issues, or other destructive forces, I have had my fair share of life threatening mishaps in my 37 years. Yet, here I am... writing about intentions. So what does it all mean?

The reason all this is on my mind is because the beginning of the week was challenging for me, mood-wise. I was okay, for the most part. But, it seemed like there was a sour "toxin" for lack of a better word, gnawing away at my subconscious. I attribute this to a process of detoxification I am attempting to work through. I have been doing yoga regularly for the last little while. I have been drinking lots of water. I have been (trying) to get lots of rest and exercise. I have been (trying) to eat healthier foods (but don't ask me what I ate for supper tonight because it was pretty much junk and nothing but junk). Still. I am trying. I am focusing my intentions on taking better care of myself. In so doing, I can almost feel my body releasing negativity. I feel it needs to come to the surface in order to be released once and for all. This has caused a mild sense of unrest in me. It is nothing compared to some types of emotional pain I have experienced in the past, but it was annoying, to speak plainly. A process of detoxification of any kind is bound to stir up negative emotions, I suppose. What is different about me lately though, I have noticed, is that I don't fight them. I certainly don't wallow in them like I used to. I acknowledge them and I try to let them teach me whatever it is they need to teach me. Then I let them go. I try to let them go, at least. I am not always very good at it, I will admit. And though I have been working away as best as I can I knew I could use a little help from a source higher than myself. So, I asked for some help. I used my powers of intention to see if they actually work.

This proved to be a pivotal moment. Not more than fifteen minutes after intentionally asking for a sign from them (my Guardian Angels that Doreen Virtue says we all have) that I am on my right path (which is terribly important to me and has been since I was a child), I found myself watching this Stanford interview with Oprah. Within an hour, Oprah was telling me (and you and everyone) that we are all powerful beings with a higher purpose on this planet. Every single one of us. She talked about finding out what that purpose is and aligning it with your personality. It was a total confirmation of the things I am often afraid to admit to myself that I already know. I know these things and I feel these things. I walk along my path with my ear ever to the ground carefully listening to what my next step should be through intuition and instinct more than logic or reason. But who can you actually tell that to who won't think you are totally ridiculous? Who would even believe me? Encouragingly enough, apparently Oprah thinks this is the right way to go about making the most of your existence here on Earth, too. And if anyone would know I think she would. Alright.

Sit up straight. Take some notes.

Pharrell knew this when he wrote "Happy". This song, incidentally, has been in the background of my happiest moments by what I thought was merely coincidence this past year. It is the song my sister-in-law played at her wedding. Her entire wedding party danced into the reception hall to this song. It was a happy time! Also, when my family and I traveled to Aruba in the Spring of 2014, this song seemed to be playing everywhere. I tried to ignore it at first, but as the days went by, I just couldn't. It got to me. I felt this song. It made me happy.

One of the best memories I have this year was while I was aboard the Carnival Breeze as it crossed the Caribbean Sea. It was late at night and Ian and the kids and I were swimming in the pool on the main deck (we were the only ones in the pool that night, which was awesome!). The Goonies was playing on the big outdoor movie screen. And there I was. Swimming away. Doing the backstroke. Looking up at the stars. In the middle of the sea. Warm air. Gentle breezes. The Goonies (one of my favourite films) playing on the big screen. It was utterly and stupendously surreal. Me. Little old me. Doing all these things. And in the background... "Happy" was playing on the speakers. And I was happy. So happy!! How could I ever forget a moment like that? I will forever remember that song in connection to this moment in my life that felt more like a dream than reality. It was so good. So. SO! GOOD!! Do you know how many things had to conspire and come together to take me to that moment only to be capped off by this particular song at this particular point in history? This cannot be by accident or coincidence. I think that Pharrell's song was meant to affect me and my life. I think I needed a touchstone that helps me to recall the joy that I felt at that moment in time and this song certainly does that. So, thank-you, Pharrell!

That's what the universe does. It rises up to meet you. It met me that night on the ship. It has met me many times since then. What I learned  through this experience (which happened a week ago now) above all is that my intentions matter. If I intend to live a good life that remains true to my calling (as an artist, a writer, a mother, a wife, a student, and a human being) then I will be okay. In fact, I will possibly be much more than okay. I may be absolutely fantastic! And so will you.

I think my angels heard me loud and clear. I choose to believe they did.

"Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof..." 

-Pharrell Williams

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