Friday, January 9, 2015

Je Suis Charlie. Je Suis Jody.

Why am I Charlie? I am Charlie because I am opinionated. I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things. I've drawn sketches for a newspaper in the past. I didn't draw any images that were insults to religion, but I did draw images that represented repression, oppression, and freedom of speech. I only did this for a few short months, but I did do it. So, I am Charlie to a very small degree. If the attack is on freedom of expression, then I am Charlie. Are you going to blow my brains out too? It begs the question... Please don't. I want to live. Then again, I doubt the existence of a global concern for media-related issues as they affect New Brunswick, Canada. Even so, we have not escaped the virus of violent, senseless crimes. Everyone will remember the incident in Moncton in the summer of 2014 for a long time to come. This is where I wonder if aliens will descend onto the planet someday and classify the human race as some form of disease or parasite. Between that and the environmental terrorism we face daily, it would seem that humans, more or less, live to destroy. Alas... how dis-Utopian of me. But I am not typically so full of hopelessness. It won't last. I am Jody. I am optimistic. I think we can work this out... ???

I am also somewhat disappointed in the stance the CBC has taken in this recent terror attack on Paris. I suppose they are so mired in the mess with Jian Ghomeshi that they don't want to get involved in anything else that may taint them even more (this is merely my opinion). Good job, Jian. Covert sexual deviancy may be effecting the country's primary news outlet's desire to report a full story. Walking on such thin ice already and all... Whatever.

Are you Charlie? Do you stand for freedom of expression? Or are you the type that believes it should be against the law to berate religious icons in the name of satire? Do you stand somewhere in the middle, to the left, or to the right of all this? Do you stand in a position that justifies murder in relation to such an offense? Or what? I don't believe in that anymore than I believe it is a Catholic priest's moral high ground to molest children in order to stay within the confines of his religion (no sex with women). That's not to say all Catholic priests abuse children, obviously.

Religion is getting to be a word I really detest, to be honest. Our belief systems are important because they help us to cope with our mortality such as it is here on Earth. Guidelines help. Faith in a higher purpose helps. But when these lines are crossed and recrossed and blurred to the point of utter stupidity, it becomes something it was never meant to be, if you ask me (nobody asked me). Religion is evolving to a point where it is beginning to override intelligence in a very bad way. I think of the cave-man days when the world was likely a very scary place for very different reasons. I think of floods. I think of earthquakes. With nothing to comfort the self outside of the self, a desire to look towards a Creator for a sense of purpose makes perfect sense. Protection. Hopes of protection... But when we become so cocky in our faith that we feel we are better than another group of humans in the name of religion? It is like the carrots in the garden rising up to take out the string beans. It makes no sense at all and the variety in the garden of life becomes awfully dull, in time, according to that particular practice and the dominance of that particular vegetable. This in and of itself points to an error is the religious/superiority paradigm because life, if you look around, is nothing if not variety.  In essence, we are all just a mixed bag of vegetables. Or meat, actually. We are all in the same boat. Where is our humility?

What gets me most is the dead look in the eye of the suspects. What a lie it is to believe you should waste your life (and the lives of others) in this world for the hopes of reward in the next. To have such blind faith in a specific outcome after death is beyond anything I have ever encountered in the realm of paranormal investigations––to look at all of this from an entirely unexamined perspective (break it all down to metaphysics, if you will). In fact, all signs point to something quite opposite. In fact, all signs point to the fact that a traumatic, energy-charged situation is what holds your spirit to this place. These murderers may be living their violence over and over again for ages to come for all we know for sure. There is more proof to back up that assumption than any other as far as I can tell. We do not know what will happen to us when we die. I wonder what they (those who kill and die in the name of religion) would say to their fellow extremists if they could come back and offer advice. Would they think they did the right thing or would they think they made a mistake? Would they wish for their lives back? Would they wish to see a starry sky one more time? Would they wish they could eat a cheeseburger just once more? Would they wish they made a different choice about the path they chose? Or would they come back with stories of glory untold? Wouldn't it be nice to know.

Killing sprees.
School shootings.
Violent crimes.

It goes on and on and on and on.

Starry skies.
Loved ones.
Warm blankets.
Lord of the Rings.
Gandalf and Frodo.
The ocean.


These things go on and on too.

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