Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Over 100 Centimeters of Snow


I sit here, looking out the bay windows of our apartment, practically drowning in snow, and I feel fine. In fact, I find all this snow comforting. It's like a great white cocoon and if you know me at all, you know I love a good cocoon. I love being ensconced in comfortable flannel sheets. I love being squished by several pets attempting to steal my warmth all at once first thing in the morning. I love it when the weight of my husband's body crushes the air from my lungs as he breathes heavily into my ear, but that's another story for my other channel. The one where I talk about all the fantastic sex we have. It's a limited subscription and I haven't got anything available right now, so I will just go back to talking about the snow.

Snow. So, I read a story about this guy in PEI. He had to dig a tunnel of considerable length through the snow just to reach his car after we experienced our second or third blizzard of the month here in the maritimes. The story wasn't filled with a sense of tragedy or doom, however. Instead, the guy laughed. He said he laughed all night long. How I loved that part of the story. There isn't much to say or do, really, when things get like this, except laugh. It isn't going to kill us, after all. Even though an inch or two brings states such as Georgia to its knees from time to time.

To come at this thing from my continuing Canadian/American perspective (I am now working for an American company, which only enhances my sense of dual citizenship which I have never really claimed but seem to inherently maintain just the same): The whole world is on fire, terrorism is at it's zenith, it seems. Everyone is pissed off at Harper and Obama. Bill Maher is adamant about climate change (ya think?), but nobody really gives a damn about what he says even if he is funny as hell (to me anyway), and there is a war going on about measles and vaccines and the haves and the have nots and the wills and the will nots and so what? Mr. PEI just keeps on digging a tunnel to unearth (unsnow) his car and all he does is laugh. He just laughs. Why? Because it's funny. Because he knows that there is humility in all of this. Problems are tangible on a scale of one to ten. That is until the scale is buried in snow. Then (the sane ones at least) just grab a shovel and start digging and thank their lucky stars that they have the strong back and the good Canadian Tire shovel to get the job done. Everything becomes crystal clear in that moment and all this ridiculous rage about all the things we think we need to hammer on and on about just doesn't matter anymore. You can't hear the world's clammer when you are ear deep in snow. This is why Canadians, for the most part, are humble and peaceful people. It's hard to stand on a soap box when your soap box is buried under 100 cms plus of snow. Am I right?

Here's a fun fact for you to chew on:

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