Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Working Girl


Have you wondered where I have been? I'd love to tell you I was on yet another extended vacation to some warmer climate, but alas, my plight is a tad less glamorous than that. I've been working. Working. Working. That's right. Poedy Pencil Princess is now gainfully employed in a full-time position in a less-than-glamorous but nevertheless rather enjoyable, position at a contact centre here in the city. Along with that, I am at the end of another (seemingly endless) term via Athabasca and am heading right into exam time. Things are busy. So, where does this leave me as an artist? As many of you likely know already, I've stayed home with my kids for the most part since my reporter days of long ago. I have made my income mainly through teaching art classes and selling art in shows and online. But, it has always been in the back of my mind that I would like to reenter the work force. The question has always been where, when, how, and so on. Well, all those questions have been answered and I am already nearing the end of three full weeks at this new job and I hope to keep with it for a long while to come. This is sort of a milestone for me for reasons I don't want to get into tonight. I am proud of it, suffice it to say. However, my artist self, the little soft-spoken yet often cranky side of me, is feeling a little bit lost. She is wondering what is going to happen to her. She's feeling a little lost in the shuffle and she's having a bit of an identity crisis. It's no wonder. I haven't made any art at all in two or three weeks. This is new for me. I'm not sure I like it, but I am not necessarily freaking out about it either. I am just giving myself time. I am giving myself time because I know that I need the security of a steady pay-check, but more than that, I know I want (and perhaps need) to get out into society and make some new friends. So far so good on that score. I've met quite a number of people and I enjoy that. I view this whole enterprise as a filling up, if you will. I have been pouring myself out through writing, making art, running a business (Etsy) and working my ass off (though there still seems to be a considerable portion of it remaining) for such a long time, I just got to this point where I craved a change. So, I made a change and found a job and went back to work. The challenge has been, in Saint John especially, trying to get to work safely as the entire city copes with unprecedented amounts of snow. The city declared a state of emergency this week due to the crazy amounts of snowfall, in fact. So, it's been interesting. I had my first experience in a long time with winter driving on Monday and it was insane, but thanks to the four hundred dollars we sank into new tires, the car seems to handle all the bad roads quite well. But it's been stressful, too. Oh well. I am curious to see when and where I will find time to create again, because I know it will come. It will. For now, my blog posts will be brief and infrequent, but my pay checks will (hopefully) be steady and reliable. It's been a while since I could say that. So, I'm glad.

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