Thursday, March 19, 2015

That Sad Little Lady (The Lady of Shalott)

                        The Lady of Shalott is my one of my favourite poems. It is haunting and very beautiful, but it also reminds me of the story of Anne of Green Gables (the tv mini-series, especially) where Anne takes it upon herself to re-enact this scene (as depicted in my drawing) and almost drowns herself in the process. The whole scenario reminds me of myself somehow. Somehow I also seem to have the tendancy to rush head-long into things without thinking of the consequences and risks until it is almost (thank God for almost) too late. But, I have made it this far so I guess that must count for something? 

I made this piece using Sharpies (coloured), water-colour paper, and branches from a weeping willow that grows in a local cemetery. I didn't hurt the tree, by the way. The branches had already fallen due to bad storm winds. 



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