Saturday, August 22, 2015

Abstract Floral and A Shipwreck

I am getting really annoyed with electronic devices. Have you noticed how they take the niceness out of everything? When I can actually manage to get my family in the same room at the same time, one (if not all) of us is on a device for some reason. Sure, they are convenient. Check the weather, check the bank account, check email, check every damned thing under the sun but each other's attention span. What I've noticed the most is that I no longer use my Canon Rebel to take pictures of my art. I just use my phone. This means most of my photos don't get transferred to my laptop anymore and when I have a piece of art I'd like to show here, I upload it from my phone. Save it. Edit the post to add writing. It's tedious and stupid! Ha! And my $1000 camera/lens sits in the closet collecting dust.

Beyond that, there used to be a certain level of ceremony to the whole thing which I quite enjoyed. I'd get up early while everyone else slept and I'd take photos of my newest artwork and edit them and upload them to my computer and it'd take at least a couple hours all told. Now, I just snap snap snap. Thirty seconds in and I have all I need and suddenly my "job" (promoting and sharing my art) becomes a side note. All this convenience makes everything easy, but easy usually translates down to not very special.

These two paintings are acrylic on canvas and I painted them with my fingers. I don't know why I felt compelled to do that other than the fact that sometimes I find acrylics so lifeless and that was driving me nuts so I had to do something to add some sort of tension to the work. It seemed to do the trick because even though these paintings are nothing to speak of in the technical department, they are alive and spirited and I really really enjoy looking at them. I can feel their energy and it's a happy, peaceful vibe mixed with some sadness but not overwhelmed by it (a new development, eh?) It's all about the energy for me.

Have I shared these here before? I can't remember...

I snapped these pictures with my phone, incidentally.

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