Friday, August 28, 2015

Reality VS Realty

Once upon a time, Jack White sang about the fact that you just can't take the effect and make it the cause. Now, let me just say that this song stuck with me for a long long time. Often I have found that people like to take an effect (of their actions, for example) and make it the cause (of someone's reaction, for example) when this is simply not the case nor is it the truth. Those whom are willing to subscribe to that kind of twisted logic are also the kind who are bent on promoting falsehoods, making something into nothing and making nothing into something. I don't really go for that particular brand of bullshit. Myself, I am not a subscriber of illusion or puffed up versions of reality.

Yet, I am imaginative and I am a visionary. I have a vision of a house I would like to buy here in the city (for example) that is, from what the realtors tell us, something of a wreck, yet I love a good wreck. I love to take nothing and make it into something, but I mean that on a whole other level. Realty and reality are not the same thing.

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