Monday, December 7, 2015

Impressing Your 14 Year Old Son

So, about my love of flowers... This is interesting:

My son, who is in grade 9 in public school (and kicking ass as far as his grades are concerned, I might add) came to me this evening with a handful of flower parts. He had dissected a flower in science class (better than a frog any day!) and as he showed me the petal to said flower I asked him if it was an alstroemeria. Lo and behold, I was right and he looked at me with wide-eyed wonder because he had no idea that his momma knows her flowers, even when they are in pieces (including the Latin names if I think hard enough) and so, in this way, I have impressed my son. I knew the thing by one tiny element of the entire whole. It was fun to show off. This doesn't happen every day, let me tell you.

In that same vein of thought, flowers--especially roses--are on my mind this evening and the studio is filled with works in progress of flowers, flowers, and more flowers. I am in heaven.

I don't paint in the dark, but I snapped a photo in the dark just to see the shapes and contrasts of the work. Artists should do this now and then to get fresh eyes. It's interesting.

Incidentally, alstroemeria (as a whole) looks like this: 

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