Wednesday, January 13, 2016

That Beautiful Man

I've heard some people speak very negatively about the death of David Bowie and it not only pisses me off, it makes me physically ill. So, because this is MY blog and I will say whatever I feel I need to say, I will offer up a defense to all this hatred. I MUST say what I need to say because, despite the hatred I am sure it will attract towards my self and my life, it's the right thing to do. It's about respect, in the end.

Here is what I have to say (below) and everybody knows to whom I am saying it and why. I wrote this while drinking a relatively expensive bottle of wine that my husband bought me for Christmas. I was happy. I was celebrating. And then I came across something that hit a nerve. Happiness slipped away. That same old wound began to throb anew. My mind and heart started to race. Time to say something. Time to speak up. It'd be safe to say I was a bit drunk at the time, but the wine was delicious and the words came through just exactly how I believe they were meant to. I originally posted this on my Facebook Art Page but deleted it early this morning because people don't visit my page to hear me go off about something like this. They visit me there to see what I am making/creating. This blog, however, is exactly the right place to say what I want and need to. I defend the light. I stand up to a narcissist. If YOU can't handle that from me, then you don't need me in your life and I definitely don't need you in mine. I am tired of holding back, biting my tongue. I am tired of constricting myself to keep within the confines of everybody's expectations of me. That's going to change.

Without further adieu:

David Bowie

David Bowie was a unique and beautiful soul who stood above and beyond in this world of ours. You want to diminish that, go ahead. But don't think we don't know that if YOU were getting that kind of attention, you'd lap it up like a kitten drinking the richest of creams. I've never seen such narcissism to make the death of beloved icon, a decent man, and a loving father and husband become all about you and how you think the world needs your insight to know how to cope. You and the way you supposedly raise your children. You and the way you think you need to enlighten the rest of us poor fucks with your flowing and flowering words. You who demand an explanation for the world's loyalty to all that that man was-- and he will always be more. More than you. More than me. More. He was more beautiful than anything you could ever hope to achieve. Let people grieve in peace. Let the world love whom it chooses to love. We loved him because he was beautiful and lovable and something other-worldly in the realm of art, humanity, creativity. He was human and he was transcendental. So be it. If you don't get it, fine. You don't get it. But I do. Many of us do. We will never know the likes of him again in our time and that is something worth celebrating. Worth noting. Worth crying for. There is not one damned thing wrong with that. You make me sick and every hypocrisy you advertive under a guise of some kind of wisdom that the rest of us supposedly lack is ridiculous and sick. For once, just once, let something be beautiful and stop using it to hurl your opinion around. Nobody cares.You live in a house made of glass and one of these days, one of these days, a rock will be hurled at you and it's going to hit the shattering point. Just shut the hell up and let something be beautiful. For once, just shut the hell up. David Bowie was a star.

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