Monday, July 4, 2016

First Cup Of Coffee

These electronic devices. Ian is on his phone and I am on my computer. I put the computer away, but he continued his usage of the phone. I left the room. I locked myself in my studio. In about three and a half minutes, he will realize I have left the room. When he's scrolled through all the shit that he already read last night, he will get up off the chair in the living room and seek me out. He will ask in a whiny voice why it is that I left the room, but the whiny voice betrays the fact that he already knows why. He'll act sheepish. He'll imply I am over-reacting (though I haven't really reacted verbally at all) and it'll escalate into a really really stupid argument.

But, I decided that if he's going to pay more attention to the internet than me (let's be honest, it's far more entertaining) I might as well drift off into the next room, open my laptop, and write this nonsense.

All before my first cup of coffee. We don't do mornings well.

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