Thursday, July 14, 2016

So it Goes

I haven't talked much about my artwork here lately, outside of the artist talk I recently published. But, there's been a lot going on. It's all kind of surreptitiously connected, but it's all there, swirling around my body like minnows in the shallows of a lake. Art is the centre of my entire world these days on several levels. I kind of had to stitch my situation together in my mind because all the things I have been doing lately are very different, but intricately connected by invisible wires that are in plain view and they all connect somewhere to art and creativity. Like a mandala, I suppose?

What the hell does that even mean?

Well. I've sold an original painting to a collector in France. This is grande. This is big. Big. But, okay. The focus can't remain there for more than a day because I've got work to do. Work in the framing department at--work. I'm now creating custom frames for artwork of alls shapes and sizes. Ok. It's new to me. I worked as a floral designer many moons ago so the design element is not necessarily new to me, but I'm talking flowers back then and picture frames and mats now. Different deal altogether, yet very similar in principle. Sometimes white gloves are required.

But, I can't focus too long on that because I've also been teaching. Teaching painting lessons to a variety of people. Men, women, young and old. My 9x12 painting collection/lessons are numerous. Things are just rolling right along in these classes and the pay is pretty good, indeed. I've got one regular student in particular and painting with him is getting to be more like hanging out with a friend than teaching a student. Last week I taught a 14 year old who had the time of her life messing around in the paint. Things vary.

Even so, I can't focus on that too long because I have art. Art to make. A beautiful studio space with the most gorgeous view. Within it, I find my voice. I think I have something to say? A statement to make? Beyond that, I have art supplies just sitting there by the stacks (well, to me they look like stacks) because I get a pretty sweet employee discount and there isn't too much that's off-limits to me in the world of art supplies anymore. If I want it, I can have it. This is a far cry from the days when I'd dig cardboard out of dumpsters and paint with whatever hand-me-downs my mom was willing to throw my way. I used to get most of my art supplies at Kent Building supplies, if you can freaking imagine...

So, make some art. Paint. Draw. Mix. Match. I have been doing so. Off and on. One thing seems to blend into another and at some point throughout a series of attempts, I end up with something. Whatever it is...

The next thing I know,  I hear that joyful little jingle of a cash register coming from my iPhone and this tells me I have made a sale on Etsy and the rest of the world becomes secondary because I've just gotten a customer from... where? France today. The moon tomorrow?

Can't talk. Got to go package some art.

Because that's the best part of all of this... the fact that someone somewhere on this gorgeous planet of ours wants a part of me in their life.

 I can't think of anything better than that.

Then, I go to work again and I meet an artist. Meet an artist. Meet a new new new artist. How have I not heard about these people before? Amazing artists. Down to earth. Real. Making art in their spare time with money they earned themselves. Like me. So, I am talking real passion. Something and someone is sacrificed by small degrees as they take steps to make something. I've met these people. I've met people who are burning with passion for their own work. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I thought the whole world had dried up. I thought we were all dead by now. Seems I was wrong. So wrong. Thank-God, I was wrong.

This is all great. Excellent. I love it. But, there's an elderly lady in the yarn department that needs my help, so off I go.

This is the general idea of how life is for me concerning my art these days. Maybe my life is like pointillism---the variety of small things somehow work to create an overall picture.

And it is good.

And that is all.

So it goes...

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