Monday, August 29, 2016

Eros is Sore

How I Gave Birth
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I don't think I need to say much about this image. I don't. For the most part, good art speaks for itself and I think this art is good. It says everything I feel and everything I feel is all that needs to be said. This image emerged from somewhere inside my heart/head as I was cleaning my apartment several days ago. I was thinking about my kids and how much they have changed and grown. For example, my son spent the better part of an entire weekend at his friend's house (those were the days!) and I was perfectly okay with that. Despite myself, I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of everyone just getting older, moving on to that next phase. It's disorienting sometimes, but I am willing to let it flow. 

I suppose this means I am more able to really look at the way they were born in an objective sense. I've made a lot of art about motherhood, pregnancy, and birth, but I have never made anything that directly represents how I feel about my personal experiences in a visual kind of way, though I have made art concerning cesarean sections in general and I have written about all of this at length. 

I came across a new Marilyn Manson song titled Deep Six (yes, I like) that includes the phrase "eros is sore" and that phrase has stuck with me for days. Eros is sore. Eros is actually very sore, in this image. Sex is what got me in that predicament in the first place. That lovely allure of the erotic nature that I seem to exude from time to time got me into quite a mess, indeed. 

So, yes... Eros is sore. Whether it was necessary, not necessary, or whatever the hell it all was... Eros is sore. Or, at least, she was. The body does heal itself quite readily, after all. 

To all you mothers reading this blog who get it and me: rock on. You are all warriors. 

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