Tuesday, January 3, 2017

She Had It All

I had arms and I could hug.
      I had lips and I could kiss.
       I had a mouth and it could smile.

                      I had a body and it could be touched.
                                           I had love and I could give it.
                             I had passion and I could live it.
                                  I had a temper and I could lose it.

                    I had tears and I could cry.

                                I had art and I could draw.

                                 I had a house and it had rooms.
                               I had a bed and it had covers.

                        I had a door and it could shut.  
                  I had a mind and it could think.  
                     I had feet and I could walk.
             I had secrets that I could tell.  
        I had words that I could write.

I had visions that I could paint.



 to dwell.




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