Thursday, April 27, 2017


I've been gone for a while. Immersed in school work and family stuff mostly. I am a full 9 months away from getting my degree. I can ALMOST feel it. So, I've been paring back the distractions as much as possible, but I have missed my little blog. I have missed musing about the things that swirl around in my head. So, here I am. It's great to be back.

I've never been to a fashion show before, but last weekend was my chance. My niece (Michaela Von Fwayla) is a second-year student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, NB and she is the reason I was at the show. She had her own line of clothing and it was amazing. All of it was amazing. It was the most fun I have had in about 2 years. When I first got there, I started to cry and cry hard (surprise!) because-oh boy-my eldest sister would have been totally over-the-moon proud of her. So that part was hard. But, I put that aside and revelled in the rest. What a blast. What talented students. 

On the flip side, my other niece has also been attending the same school and hated it to the bone (and some of the best artists know fully and completely that sometimes art school is too constricting) and so I was equally proud of her because she dropped out. Both girls know exactly who they are and they won't be pushed to be anything different. I wonder where they get that from? 

Michaela got her name (Von Fwayla) from me. I used to call her that when she was so tiny she barely went up to my knee. She was the sweetest little baby girl you would ever hope to meet. I would say "hello there Michaela Von Fwayla!" and she apparently liked it! This hits me in my auntie's heart like I cannot explain. I love this gal (and all the children in my life) with all my heart. Her design (she had several but I've only included one in this post) is the black and hot-pink 50s style dress. So fucking cute. 

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