Monday, June 12, 2017

Published Art, Happy Life

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Cesarean Birth 

Motherhood, for me, has been the most important journey of my life so far. I love my family and I am all about my family and when my children were born, it was the most amazing experience of my life. Of course all mothers say that. As my children grew I spent countless hours making art to put the time in. I was never much for television and in those long hours in between my husband leaving for work and coming home, I would put the time in by painting. I often painted images about motherhood (as you know by now, I think). The two that I have shown here are favourites of mine because one depicts how I felt while pregnant and the other depicts how I felt about my children's c-section births. About two months ago now (give or take a month) I received word that these images have survived the editing process and will be included in an anthropological type text published by Routledge on the subject of birth and motherhood. When I received the news, I was a bit apprehensive and I still I am, if I am being honest. I mean, I will believe it when the text is actually in my hands (that's just my nature) but the news has me feeling pretty humble. To think, my art has had such an effect on the author of this text that she wanted to include my work. I will be able to show it to my grandchildren. I will be able to refer to it on days when I don't feel particularly successful as an artist. I could go on and on but I don't think it takes much imagination to consider how good this feels to me and what it means to me. So I will just leave it at that. 

But these early days of motherhood seem so long ago now. My son starts his first full-time summer job next Monday and he will be earning more money than I earned at my last job and if there's something that will really rock the foundations of your world it is knowing your first born is going to have a bigger bank account than you (at least for the summer). We are lucky because Ian was able to get him a job where he works and since Ian is the boss man, he will be the boss and Isaiah will be in good hands and there is literally nothing I will need to worry about in that regard. I am totally over-joyed for my son and I continually ask myself where the time has gone. But, here we are. My daughter is leaving for Ottawa for several days on Wednesday with her class. What am I going to do with myself? 

I know... I think I will paint. 

I finished another term in university. I have to rewrite one exam (missed it by two points) but it is in Astronomy and you can't fault a girl for not being able to accurately regurgitate the entire universe in one fell swoop. 

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