Friday, June 9, 2017


We moved (again) and we are planning to make this one last for a good long while. We now live in the South End of the city. Saint John is divided into four main areas. You have the West side, the North end, the East side and the South end. The South end is also known was the Uptown area. There are many streets and buildings in the South end that leave you wondering if the city is not gone completely to shit, but there there are other parts of the city that are still quite beautiful. Brick buildings with gothic or Victorian accents abound and it just so happens that we managed to get a spot like that for ourselves and we now live in the South end as opposed to the avenue that connects the West and North (it's not as complicated as it sounds). It's something we've wanted to do for a long time and we finally made it. To some people, this is probably a silly goal, but to Ian and I, it means a lot. It's a beautiful spot right in the heart of this unassuming city. We just kind of blend right in and I love everything about that. 

Here's to fresh starts and fun cities. Here's to not moving again for at least five years ( I hope!)! 

I got offered a job yesterday which I do not think I will take, but it is a sign of the prosperity to come, I believe. It's a good sign. 

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