Monday, July 10, 2017

Art On Wood (Art on a Budget)

I don't always have all the money in the world at my disposal to keep moving forward as an artist. I don't always have thousands of dollars in the bank all queued up for me to spend on art supplies. I often have about $20 in the bank to spend on such things, in fact (I am not whining, I promise) and so, sometimes I end up at the dollar store to buy the stuff I need to make the art I want to make. This was mostly the case when I bought some wooden panels at Dollarama. I had a few bucks to spare, so I bought them and brought them home and painted them. Don't worry about my frugality. I promise I am not cheap, but I am efficient and sensible and pragmatic. It's my birth sign. Don't worry about it... 
My process included painting a base coat of watered down white acrylic paint (let dry) on the raw surface of the wood. I drew the image by hand (free-style) on the painted surface and then I painted in the details of each image in layers so the colours would build and eventually exhibit dimension. In some cases I used glitter paints and shiny paints and I glazed the images according to how the light worked and reacted. Each one reflects the light purposefully and uniquely. In some cases, I used a Sharpie to highlight details.  
In total, the glazing/painting process took several days to complete. It was a simple but fun way to make some art and the end results are pretty nice, if I may say so. These pieces are meant to be enjoyed in the same way that we (I) enjoy the pages of an illustrated children's storybook. 

They are for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

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